Pritong Manok

Pritong Manok (Philippine Fried Chicken)

1 whole chicken in pieces
soy sauce
garlic cloves
black pepper
bay leaves
pot or large skillet with lid for boiling
cooking oil for frying
deep frier with lid

Caution using this recipe! Please use deep frier with lid for frying because oil spits up and can burn you!

Boil chicken in soy sauce, water, garlic, pepper, bay leaves, and vinegar as you would for chicken adobo. Remove chicken from pot or skillet. Drain chicken pieces and pat dry well, because excess water and/or marinade will make the oil spit a lot! Put oil in and prepare deep fryer. Put a piece or two of chicken in deep fryer (close lid!) and fry in batches till darker brown and crispy. Use caution opening the lid. Remove chicken and serve. 

Be careful please!  :)  First time I made this I used a skillet for frying and had to duck spitting oil!!

Notes: Can be served with rice or potatoes. The marinade could be made into a gravy if desired. Recipe came from This is one of many versions of Philippine fried chicken.  A google search can find many more. This just happens to be my family's favorite version.  :)